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Virtual album "Öö" (2009)

Öö (2009 edit)(English title: The Night (2009 edit)) (2009) (download)
New version of a melody done in 2007.
Pimeduses (English title: In The Dark) (2008) (download)
After a creative pause lasting three quarters of a year, there comes "Pimeduses". It was December 2008, and NBC had just shut down NBC Weather Plus(and bought The Weather Channel), which had been broadcasting on digital terrestrial television. To mark leaving viewers in the dark, Pimeduses was born. There is some hidden text in the melody: WX QRT(Weather went off air). True, QRT turned out to sound something like TKAA. I started experimenting by blending in various instruments.
Tühjus (English title: Emptyness) (2009) (download)
Done after a entertainment TV channel in Estonia, Neljas TV was shut down. Since I felt that sports channel TV4(former Kalev Sport, left the air a month later, acquired by same owner) deserved much less to be on air, I didn't take this very friendly. During the next three days I was behind the MIDI editor, and "Tühjus" was born. Notes are laid in a way that you can see approximate morse code: "RIP" and "NELJAS".
(Info)kaamos (2009) (download)
After one of my favourite radio stations, Sun FM went off air, "(Info)kaamos" was made. This is the first melody that was not made in MIDI format, but rather than ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer. There is some morse code hidden in the tune - "SUN" and "RIP"(from that, you could spot similarities with "Tühjus").
Observatoorium (English title: Observatory) (2009) (download)
Dedicated to astronomy enthusiasts reunion in Tõravere in August 2009.
Tormihäire (English title: Storm Alert) (2008) (download)
After three quarters of a year without new melody, "Tormihäire" comes on the spring of 2008. It is imagination of a music that would sound as a storm alert music on local forecasts at a fictional weather television channel. The melody begins with a tense situation prior to the storm and ends with the sad aftermath.
Tornaado tuleb (English title: Tornado is Coming) (2009) (download)
This melody has a little different background than others. On 25 May 2003 I wrote down some lyrics in an artificial language(about what I will tell in the future), and the story wraps around them. From there, the title is too.
Ahnus (English title: The Greed) (2009) (download)
British web users cannot watch music videos on Youtube, because the latter is unable to strike a deal with PRS... Because this isn't the first time I've been appalled by the British system, I open up the MIDI editor and after a few hours, "Ahnus" is born. BTW: That banging at the background not synchronous with the melody is a morse-like message: "GREED". At the end, the musical instruments scream from fear as due to the argument between Youtube and PRS, the geographical block hits the music, and the silence arises.
Ahnus 2.0 (English title: Greed 2.0) (2009) (download)
There are some certain organisations that can infuriate me so numerous times that I put them into music. When making the "Ahnus" was triggered from the action of PRS, then this one is "dedicated" to RIAA for this statement. At the end, the storage medium "fails".
Eeter on vaikinud (English title: The Air Has Gone Silent) (2007) (download)
Summer of 2007 - Internet radios in USA are shivering from the fear of death when they are threatened by astronomically increasing royalties. Also one of my favorite internet radios(that plays relaxing music) is at the danger of death. With my hearth filled with protest, I opened up the MIDI editor and "Eeter on vaikinud" was born. This was the first one where I also hid subliminal messages(hint: knowing morse code helps a lot!). The piece was written with expectation of a possibile disaster and the silence of internet radios. The end of the melody ends with musical instruments screaming help as midnight arrives. As the last clock strike comes, there is silence. After Finland shut down analog television, the melody got also another meaning... marking cold-blooded leaving thousands of Estonians without Finnish TV.
Öö (English title: The Night) (2007) (download)
My first MIDI experiment
Mure (English title: The Worry) (2007) (download)
First melody that has been created based on what I feel during writing. During writing of the piece, I was worried... Ironically about the music lesson at school the next day.

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