Storm chase on 16 July 2009
Storm chases
Storm chase on 16 July 2009
On 16 July 2001, I was still very much afraid of thunderstorms... but yet while heading home with parents from Tartu amid severe thunderstorm, I watched the storm clouds out of the window and said: "This is like in  Savage Skies!"

8 years later...
...I went to the first storm chase of my life. Jüri Kamenik was driving, I read the map.

At 8:16 AM in Laguja, before take-off (unedited version)

9:36 - Heading towards Pangodi, some development seen in the northerly directions. (unedited version)

9:42 - Near Pangodi, heading towards Kambja. (unedited version)

10:05 - Near Ülenurme.

11:01 - In Jõgeva county, heading towards Mustvee. (unedited version)

At 12:11 in Mustvee -- funnel cloud visible over Lake Peipsi, but no touchdown. (unedited version)

14:26 - For some time we followed activity in NE Estonia, but then decided to head toward Southwest, as in Latvia and in Central and Southern Estonia, development began. This picture is done on our way to Põltsamaa where we got first more serious thunderstorm. (unedited version)

14:40 - Near Koeru. (unedited version)

15:13 (unedited version)

15:14 (unedited version)

16:24 - Near Põltsamaa. Situation getting more serious as we got into a strong thunderstorm in Põltsamaa and had to punch the core to get into rainfree area. As we reached there a few kilometers away from the town, we sighted a wall cloud. We also sighted a possible funnel cloud, but we could not determine whether it had circulation or not.

16:24 (unedited version)

17:00 - Near Kärevere. We are looking at a cloud that is harassing my home area at the moment. (unedited version)

18:00 - Near Nõgiaru, trying to get ahead of the cloud... unfortunately the cloud always gets away from us.  (unedited version)

19:00 -  Near Kanepi, we have a display of fairly turbulent clouds. We have gotten ahead of the cloud. Unfortunately the downdraft with heavy rain is tapping on the shoulders again so it's time to head away again.. (unedited version)

19:01 (unedited version)

19:13 - Heading towards Võru... look back on the cloud. As we reach Võru, we just see some darkening in the northnorthwestern sky. We stop by in Võru for some time. (unedited version)

19:46 - cloud that has been menacing my home in Laguja, is reaching Võru. Again we get soaked by strong rains that turns visibility into near zero. Eventually we get out of the (without direction signs!) town and we head towards Räpina. (unedited version)

20:11 - Again looking from the dry side, but this time from Pindi area. Here we also see the final lightning flash. After that we call it a day and we had towards Laguja, my home. (unedited version)

20:59 - It has become fairly foggy after thunder.


21:22 - Picture of a distant cumulus tower made as we reach Laguja.