Virtual album "Varjutus" (2011)

Cover(PDF, to be folded)

Varjutus(English title: Eclipse) (2011) (download)
Made after a solar eclipse on 4 January 2011.
Kevadõhtu(English title: Spring Evening) (2011) (download)
Made during spring of 2011.
Polaarpäev(English title: Polar Day) (2011) (download)
Inspiration to this piece was formed after Norwegian television broadcasted 5 days long live transmission from a cruise ship, which I was also watching. Voice layering is used for one sample(first time when human vocal(s) have been added) that I recorded for this piece.
Paarike(English title: Couplet) (2010) (download)
The name of the piece refers to a feature on doppler radar where in a relatively small space, both velocities towards and away from the radar can be seen side-by-side. Mostly it signifies mesocyclone or a downburst.
Example radar images
BWER (2010) (download)
The title refers to Bounded Weak Echo Region, a feature visible on radar reflectivity. It features a local minimum in radar reflectivities at lower altitudes while stronger echoes are detected on scans made at higher altitudes.
Example radar images
Vaikuse koonus(English title: The Cone of Silence) (2011) (download)
Name refers to a cone-shaped area above the weather radar which is not scanned.
Raadiovaikus 2.0(English title: Radio Silence 2.0) (2010) (download)
After radio station Sun FM went belly up, the local radio airspace has been a complete Charlie Foxtrot. This piece was made in protest against the results of the latest local radio licence tender.
Saar(English title: Island) (2011) (download)
Made after 22 July 2011 events.

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