Virtual album "Mitmesugust" (2013)

Pöörane suvepäev(English title: Crazy summer day) (2012) (download)
Noorus on hukas(English title: Youth is doomed) (2013) (download)
A little protest after national final of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2013.
Laupäev(English title: Saturday) (2013) (download)
This is the kind of music I make when my digital camera breaks down... Gotta vent somehow.
Päikeseloojang 2.0(English title: Sunset 2.0) (2013) (download)
Once again one of the musical pieces an imaginary TV channel of mine would play during sunrise and sunset.
Las EMHI olla EMHI(English title: Let EMHI be EMHI) (2013) (download)
A bit bigger protest. Against merging EMHI and Environmental Information Center(it happened on 1 June 2013 :( ). This messed up my mental condition big time(maybe comparable to the aftermath of my favourite TV station TV1 going off air in 2001). I lost motivation to study and almost had quit the University. Some listeners might notice similarities with "Viimane ennustus" from 2009 - these are deliberate! Title is a reference to TV broadcast "Let Poland be Poland" which aired after imposition of martial law at Poland in 1982.
Vanad ajad(English title: Old times) (2011) (download)
Done after Latvian Environmental, Geological and Meteorological Center put their weather radar image behind a paywall. During the making of this piece I wasn't yet aware of cross-border mischief happening in connection with the paywall.

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